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Site For Sale
    Presented By: Charles Goldstein (britquestor) Elite Member
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Global Advertising

Each  member  position in IVV has access to the large
and  powerful  ads  on  the  left  side  of  the  machine.

These  ads are  rotated across  every machine  that is
being  viewed anywhere  in the world.  With members
throughout the globe, that makesthem very powerful.

The real  power behind these ads is  not only member
views but, the memberships own marketing activities,
which create thousands of additional views worlwide.

Full Member
One 250x250 large ad.
Pro Member
Two 250x250 large ads.
Elite Member
Three 250x250 large ads.

NOTE: the special large ads can be offered by members
to  non-members,  businesses,  retailers,  clubs  etc for
a minimum of a three month display (commission item).