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Site For Sale
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About Us

International Virtual Vending has been in business since December 17th 2007 as part of the Web Fusion Corporate group based in Saint Louis, MO. USA.   The sheer volume of information available on the Internet is overwhelming. Information overload is a real problem and many people just don't like reading reams of text on a computer screen.

So, to avoid this situation, We decided to keep it simple and use video format. Using text purely to underscore the theme of our video content. Make sure your speakers are switched on, the volume turned up and enjoy the video below.

What's New, At A Glance.

  • For product affiliates: One, two or three vending cabinets for your different product ranges.

  • For Business Opportunities: One, two or three vending cabinets for your different businesses.

  • If you run 2 or 3 different types of business: Use one cabinet for each business.

  • Each cabinet has a different URL so, you have no fear of sending prospects to the wrong site.

  • Each cabinet has multiple pages that can accomodate a whole store inventory if required.

  • Generous commissions for each position in IVV with pro-rata pass-ups to the higher positions.

  • Personalize your virtual vending cabinet with your user name in large blue text.